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Today I begin to write in my blog ! It is an interesting and demanding challenge that I intend to keep the appointment! 
Leptonics... Lepton belongs to the elementary particles of the universe.
Divided into different categories , we find the Lepton within the category of Fermions. Fermions are the " building blocks " for the creation of matter . In this category we find the Leptons and Bosons.

In this blog I intend to inform, disseminate , comment and arouse curiosity and critical thinking to all visitors .

In the various subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, health, psychology, technology, cosmology, astronomy, and others, I hope you can find here relief issues and gain new interests!

I hope that the diversity of themes will be a reason to suggest new interests to anyone . The beauty with which the issues are interrelated is brutal! Since the origin of the universe , its principles and its laws, the way we define the behavior of all particles and all the forces that interact with them, and how that confers the characteristics to what surrounds us!!! From our little point of view we can discuss all the issues, but we will always have limitations, which makes the pursuit of knowledge a challenge even more exciting! When and how we will break our own barriers, and when will you find a question that won't ever be answered? And why won't it be answered?

The truth is that throughout the history of mankind , many issues have already been debated and often against common sense , science won!

Since the transition from Geocentric model to the heliocentric (which is not the current but revealed a drastic change ) , the discovery of the cell as building blocks of life, from the theory of miasma to the germ theory, since the discovery of Newtonian physics for a completely revolutionary definition of Albert Einstein's space-time, to the discovery of as "counter intuitive" quantum physics to which Einstein criticized strongly ... well , we will never know what the next step .

Thank you so much, and see you on the next time!!!


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