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Matter vs. Anti-matter

The Science Asylum - What makes anti matter so special?!


The theme escapes to the trend of what has been published. Physics! Year by year, more and more discoveries are made. Is it a new particle, a distant galaxy or a unexplained principle.
The theme "matter - antimatter" is relatively recent in view of the time we know the least well our Universe (notice I said "our Universe"). Curious will think, will already know minimally well ??? And leaving the part of phylosophysics and returning only to physical here we go !!!

First of all it should be noted that the antimatter term is just a convention. It's setting on the line of the real numbers to the positive is from right to left and the negative from left to right, or to define the north pole is at the top of the globe and the South Pole is down (by the way, the top and bottom part is a term that really can not be applied because the Universe has no reference or center).

There is nothing that gives the antimatter unique characteristics that no matter the "normal". The only peculiarity is that the load is exactly opposite !. Moreover, has the same mass, size, emit the same radiation and energy, as is everything!
While an atom of matter consists of a neutron, proton and electron a antimatter atom is constituted by an anti-proton, anti-neutron and a positron (as opposed to electron).

Matter is an energy state, and as such, when the Big Bang occured, it released all the energy that was contained, and it should have been createded equal amounts of matter and antimatter.
The only problem is that because they have exactly opposite charges when they touch contact teach other, they annihilate and release energy !!! Rather the spectrum of gamma rays:

As such, with equal amounts, the matter should not exist, and quoting Descartes, "I think, therefore I am", and after all, here we are and that's why we have a problem!
A good explanation for this battle that has been won by matter rather than the anti-matter might be behind the fact that there may be more matter than antimatter in the universe. Some say that for every 1 million anti-matter particles, there were 1 million and one particle of matter. But still, this goes against the principles of physics!

However, keep hopes !!! These two differ in one very important aspect !!! Radioactive decay !!! It has been tried and indeed antimatter has a considerably faster decay! Yet it is not enough to answer our questions ...

On the other hand, the author of video as well as other physicists argue that there is still an equal amount of matter and antimatter in the universe. And that perhaps some of the galaxies we observe are composed entirely of antimatter. Interesting idea!
However, if that happened, it would be expect that at least at the border of the galaxy / cluster / supercluster, the two types of matter meet and annihilate each other! What does not occur because there is no data of dubious emissions or sources of gamma radiation in space!

Finally, another issue that arises is whether the anti-matter has an opposite gravitational force than usual, which is would be to observe the attraction between two bodies.
In my opinion, not acknowledging any negative mass elements (or contrary to our, as they prefer to say), I do not see this happening.
On the other hand, if exists galaxies of antimatter, how do they exist if each body would repel other bodies?
If so, how does an antimatter atom would have the same properties as conventional matter? I know the strong nuclear forces are prevalent, however it would still interfere with the atomic radius, bonding radius, electron removal of energy, etc ... But do not let being a layman in physics, I am always ready to learn and if there are opinions that contradict my argument, I will be happy to hear them!

And you??? What do you think???


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Consciousness upload, is it possible???

Our nervous system has the same constitution in each one of us.
During our development, nerve cells multiply, but at a certain stage, apoptosis occurs. The goal is to preserve a certain number of neurons, but prefer quality over quantity. What distinguishes each human being are the nerve connections that we create throughout our lives. 

Different memories trigger different neurons circuits, and each circuit of these is unique to each one of us!

As I  suggested in my last post, AsapSCIENCE also talks in this video about the possibility of mapping our central nervous system and their connections - creating a "connectome" - and recreate it on the computer. This would allow a computer to make the artificial synapses interact with each other as they interact on us! As if it was a download of consciousness of myself.
In fact, to carry out this process, we would be faced with two precisely equal minds, a living and other artificial.
The film "Self /Less" exploits this fact with a small difference, in this case, a patient with a terminal cancer, transferred his mind from one body to another completely new and healthy, in order to extend his life time and life quality!
As much as this intrigue us we should not exalt. Our brain is extremely complex! Each neuron can establish connections with other neurons in the thousands or tens of thousands of other neurons! The synapses network is extremely wide and the variety of routes in which the electrical signal can go are huge!!!

Nevertheless, neuroscientists say that by the year 2045 will be possible to have the human connectome recreated.
This idea may seem ambitious, but let us remember that it was already possible to map the human genetic code!

However, re-create the connections we have in the nervous system does not make that copy another "I". We are, of course, the product of all the connections we have, but we adapt, mold and grow with time and therefore we are constantly creating new links with our experiences. Furthermore, our habits and routines can strengthen and weaken a particular route other. We are a constant product of what we live!

So I leave you the challenge if the upload of consciousness would not be enough to prolong our lives, what other way can you consider to do so?

See you in next time !!! ;)

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