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Is space colonization our moral obligation?

Is space colonization our moral obligation? - Video

This channel has the participation of many distinguished people in all branches of science.

This video responds to the question is the space colonization our moral obligation?

The truth is that our planet has limited resources and their balance is incredibly difficult to maintain. Although it is necessary to make a great effort to guarantee that our planet will have all the necessary resources for generations to come, sources of non-renewable energies are limited and their spare time is not greater than their time consumption.
Nevertheless, the human population grows exponentially and with increasing life expectancy will become unbearable guarantee supplies to the entire population, at least the way we are prepared.

Leaving aside global warming, species extinction or world peace, and provided that all these factors are controlled, we will face inevitable problems!
The truth is that of all the species on the planet are the only one with the idea that extinction is an imminent risk.

The solar system will have its end and therefore space missions within the solar system are essential if we believe that Humanity has going to exist for a very long period of time

Not wanting to give up our home, space exploration does not compromise any hope of life on Earth. And so it would be our responsibility transpose what Nature "built" for millions of years in such a unique way in the universe for eternity.

Since ever human being dream beyond their limits. Getting to know what is beyond the horizon is part of our nature. So I don't see how that space exploration can be seen as something unnecessary, luxurious or whimsical.
Why ignore what makes us different? The incessant desire to explore and find answers to our indeterminable questions!!!

A topic to think about!!! ;)